5 Digital Marketing News Summaries

With the immense content overload, it is impossible to consume everything that is happening in digital marketing and almost impossible to cherry pick the best of it.

One tip is to actually to wait for the fine digital marketing news summaries that are available each and every week. Several great people¬†do the hard work for us so that the rest of us can binge watch House of Cards, Orange is the New Black or perhaps even read a book (have to confess that I am currently plowing through Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch and loving it). ¬† So enjoy these great weekly round up lists below and your extra free time!

Also, if you have a favorite not included here, please share in the comments.

Weekly News Summaries

Scott MontyPlatforms, Content, Metrics, Collaborative Economy, LegalThe Week in Digital
Cindy King, Social Media ExaminerSocialThis Week in Social Media
Dinah Alobeid, BrandwatchSocial, ListeningTrending this week: News stories in social media
Ben Brausen, Top Rank BlogDigitalOnline Marketing News
Ignite Social TeamSocialSocial You Should Know



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