The Creativity Panic

Image by pietroizzo

I had a nightmare last night where I ended up in a suffocating panic.  In the dream, I ran out of ideas.  My creative well had come up empty.  I was asked to contribute to a project and had nothing to give but my dull blank stare.  I could not even doodle in my notebook.  Perhaps I even turned into a righty (the horror, I take such pride in being left-handed)!

This morning, after one cup of coffee, so far, so good. Tried to think of a social gaming concept today.  I thought it was very clever, others did too.

When I looked back over it later, breaking down the idea, I realized I had not really done anything revolutionary or new, but just combined several other ideas and concepts that I had seen before. It is nothing really new.

Oh god… the panic again! Was I re-living my nightmare?

But how often do we really see revolutionary ideas verse the evolutionary combination of thoughts or concepts around us? How many Steve Jobs are there? I think that we often ask ourselves that to feel better. But why settle?

Each one of us as the potential to have a idea just as powerful as the concepts that came from Steve Job’s brain. NEVER. EVER. SETTLE!  Push harder. We all have a beautifully wonder tool between our ears that truly knows no bounds.


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