Sitting at Peterman Island

After the fun of kayaking at Pleneau Island we turned for a short journey back south to Peterman Island to drop off Rosi Dagit to continue her penguinUntitled design (7)
population research for Oceanities. We also stopped off on the island to see where the Oceanities team lives to explore the island. There are a number of penguin colonies that populate the island that are a wonderful to watch, but the real thrill for me was the hike over the ridge to the other side of the mountain.

As I hiked up the view back down on the ship was incredible, I also noticed that one little penguin was following our path all the way up. As we rounded the other side of the ridge the view over the other side was absolutely amazing. There were four enormous icebergs crowded into a bay. Their deep, glowing blue was clear from the top of the ridge. The rest of the mountains that surrounded the bay were tall jagged peaks that from which glaciers ground their slow journeys down to the sea. I found a rock and enjoyed this view for 30 minutes that felt like 30 seconds. It is sad to know that my pictures will never capture this place, but it is nice to know it is always here waiting for me.


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