Touchdown in Antarctica!

Today I set foot on the continent of Antarctica – what a thrill! I have been traveling for 5 days and to reach it was amazing. Antarctica has a beauty all its own that combines a starkness, immensity and wonder. We landed at Brown Bluff at the northern tip of the Antarctic peninsula.

Brown bluff is home to several colonies of nesting Adelle and Gentoo penguins. It is incredible to watch them as they run along the beach jumping in and out of the water. Because nothing on land harms them, they are not concerned with human visitors and if you stay still they will walk by you up to 3 feet away. It is a incredible to hear their small feet patter on the ground as they go by.

We have two members of the Oceanities Team traveling with us. They are counting chicks and nesting sites to see what impact humans have on them through global warming and other activities. I will write more on this later.


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