Cuverville Island

We have been heading further and further south since my Mom and I started this trek 8 days ago. I should probably give everyone a whether update from the very deep far south. It is beautiful! An incredibly clear day, no winds and about 50 degrees. As I am writing this (which is a little later), I am noticing my sunburn from being out in the sun so much.

This afternoon we stopped at Cuverville Island to take a look at the Gentoo Penguin colonies and to have a short hike. While the hike was not very far, it was pretty tough through melted soft snow and unsteady rocks. When we got to the top of the outcropping we were headed to, I was amazed to see even more penguins had made those upper parts there homes. If you have never seen a penguin walk, it is really more a slow shifting waddle, accented by the occasional hop or slide. To imagine the effort it must take these creatures to climb to this height is stunning. Then to realize that they make there nests there and when they have chicks must make the sometimes daily journey back and forth to the ocean to feed them. These are very tough birds!


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