CES: Pervasive Community Tale #2

Were you like me this week; pining away for the tech wonders and gadgets on display at CES?  Well, my thirst for the latest and greatest silicon wonders was quenched by the pervasive community created by bloggers, tweeters, and podcasters from the show floor. It was great to see live Twitter updates as Bill Gates was speaking, to read daily posts on what’s hot (and what’s not) as well as to hear and see the podcasts. To help to spread this pervasive community to all of you, I am including some of my favorite links below:

  • CES on Twitter: it has been great to read people’s reactions and to see real-time updates from the show floor
  • CES Blogs:
    • Official CES Blog : this is somewhat interesting, more behind the scenes info than gadget info.
    • The Microsoft CES Blog: Super-slick looking site gives lots of Microsoft information on Zune, Silverlight and more.
    • The Intel CES Blog: I love this blog! Intel’s blog includes lots of great info that shows the depth of great technologies that are hopefully headed our way. Paul Otellini’s keynote is a must listen!
    • The IPG Lab Blog: The Interpublic Group’s Lab attended CES and blogged and tweeted their thoughts and shared with all.  They have great insights and have focused on some great technologies.
    • Podtech CES Scoble Podcast: Content varies from good to silly, but you get a good flavor for the event.

I hope you enjoyed your virtual trip to CES brought to you from the pervasive community members.  If you have other favorite blogs or podcasts, please add them in the comments.


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