Who really censors me?

I have been fascinated by the launch of the Don’t Censor Me site. As someone who considers himself somewhat liberal in his thinking and who freely gives opinions (sometimes without thinking), this seemed like a fascinating site to examine what is being cleansed from various communities and social networks and to try to get to the real story.

What the site shows, at least to date, backs my own experience with Prospero’s Moderation Services. There is typically no Big Brother-like manipulation of the conversations. When moderation does take place it is more typically in reaction to violation reports directly from other community participants. Moderators then react to keep the network social and ensure that the environment encourages the participation of all members. The Don’t Censor Me site bears this out if you look at the lowest Digg listings as an example:http://dontcensorme.com/digg/ The participants in these cases have pushed insulting, abusive and off-topic posts to the bottom.

I am going to continue to follow the site and will be interested to see if there are social network Big Brothers out there. In the meantime, it appears that the moderators are taking cues from their community members to create their social environments.


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