Live blogging at the Emmys

This weekend we worked with the good folks at Fox to provide them with a live mobile blogging application during the Emmys. Five bloggers submitted their opinions and observations throughout the event from their Sprint mobile phones. The submissions appeared in real-time on the Fox web site with the posts smoothly fading onto the screen just immediately after posting, just as a Twittervision feed.


To be perfectly candid, I was not sure what to expect from this live blogging project. But wanted to watch because I know our team spent a lot of time on and it seemed like it could be interesting. As I sat there watching the show with one eye on the new blog posts magically appearing on my laptop, I found myself really drawn in to the show at a whole new level. I actually began to feel like I had real insight to what was happening at the Shrine auditorium. As Ryan Seacrest was making his opening remarks, I watched as the bloggers posts their first hand impressions; not only what they thought, but of crowd reaction – suddenly, I knew what it was like to be sitting there! I knew that Al Gore was wearing his lucky cowboy boots that his brother-in-law gave him 30 years ago. How else would I know that unless the blogger had noticed and had asked out of curiosity? I also got to find out what happens during the commercial break as the stars all chat with each other and they play clips from prior Emmy programs. These bloggers had extended my participation onto the floor of the Shrine!  I was absolutely riveted!


As I was writing this, I had the TV on and one program mentioned that you should go to their web site for a Live blog from one of their performers. I was interested in how they did this so I went to see.  At first, I didn’t understand what was going on. The post from the star had a recent time, but that was it. Then it occurred to me that I would have to hit the browser re-fresh button to see updates. This seemed about as live as any other blog that I go to. It made me really appreciate the Emmy blog and how the posts automatically transitioned onto the page and that there were 5 contributors to the same blog – each easily identified.


We see a ton of other uses for this application and are already talking to others about that.  We plan to demo this live at booth 301 (and here on our site) at the OMMA show next week. Hope to see you there!


– Colin

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