Newspaper adoption of social media

There was a great report out yesterday (8/19) from The Bivings Group that details how newspapers have adopted various social media – especially blogging, RSS, video, and commenting over the past two years.  While most categories are increasing steadily, an interesting graph would have been to see the percentage increase year over year.  My back of the envelope math shows a 74% increase from last year on article commenting alone.  Our own experience with a variety of clients would validate this.

This report has some great data on social media adoption by news organizations.  While at Prospero we have experienced this first hand from working with Boston.comPhilly.comwickedlocal.comOttway’s Community newspaper sites, and others it is great to see more direct industry data that our clients and others can reference.

I have included one of their sample charts below but it is best to see the full report by clicking here


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